On the Frontline!

6 03 2009

After phenomenal up-front support from specialist radio and club, PRINCESS NYAH gets ready to release her debut single FRONTLINE; already a must have funky house anthem for 2008, the young Harlesden native is poised for big things ahead of her first commercial release.


Making a name for herself in the early noughties with rap aficionados ‘G-Fam’, this singer-song writer / rapper / entrepreneur is more than just a pretty face. Raised on a musical diet of 80’s pop and revival music PRINCESS name checks such musical greats as Soul2Soul and Janet Jackson as some of her earliest inspirations. It’s no surprise then that in a scene primarily dominated by instrumental rhythms and bed room singers, the lyrical prowess, intricate melody and vocal performance courtesy of her royal highness sets FRONTLINE a cut above the rest.


The men behind the music, production duo and long-time friends Ill Blu (Def 1 & J.Reel) recorded the track with PRINCESS in April 2008. Picking up heat on the party islands over the summer months and making it’s way effortlessly into the realm of regular rotation at both club and radio back home, “FRONTLINE” is without doubt carving it’s own lane as an up-tempo cross-over masterpiece.


For more info on PRINCESS and her bookings check out WWW.PRINCESSNYAH.COM.






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