Light em’ up!

31 03 2009

Bish Bash Blackbeard Goes

31 03 2009

Bashy finally shaves his beard off to celebrate Catch Me if You Can.


What you saying, Am I back to normal?

Who thought I wouldn’t be able to do it?

Who knew I would?

I’m so fucking glad my skin is normal underneath, big up everyone who is supporting my movement it is much appreciated. Make sure you sign up to my mailing list to get this type of stuff first…go to WWW.BASHY.COM


30 03 2009

Blatantly jacked from Attaca’s blog!

Stacy Dash still got it!

30 03 2009

We need some more gyals in ere!

27 03 2009

video out soon …single out early May, go support that!

New Dizzee …

27 03 2009

1 word …BONKERS!

Made it’s debut simultaniously on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show & Mistajams 1Xtra show last night …number 1?

Crack iz WACK!

26 03 2009

What’s the name of his company???? LMAO!!!!!