Sovereign …

26 02 2009





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26 02 2009

Yawn…..I’ve always found her music highly annoying….somethings never change boi!

26 02 2009

i think this is a big ting for her…shes on an her own independent yeh big up!!

27 02 2009

major wack, cant spit, GIVE UP!

27 02 2009


27 02 2009

That is fuckin horrible

27 02 2009

But, why?? Is she really relevent to this society?…
She should just give up..Lyrical content if thats what i should even call it…
Is the SH*T that comes outta ma rasss…
She should just go uni and get a degree in suminn..nobody about her..

28 02 2009

song is terrible, video is worse… She sold out in her music, not that she was that good in the first place but hey she’s makin her P’s and reppin for the uk, best of luck to her

28 02 2009

how did she get signed..?

1 03 2009
Nicole (Cherries TnT) Louis

Well, it definately aint grime!!!!

She’s tryin sumthin a littl different tho innit. she’s tryin bless her…
at least she’s tryin..

i think da songs’ one dat would grow on u, but defo cant c it bein played in clubs.. plus its a pop really?! dunno : o / weren’t expectin that… : o /

p.s. u lot r harshhhhh.. LOL

1 03 2009

Not my thing, but it seems decent… hope she does well with this.

2 03 2009

SHE’s SHIT afta addidas hoodie she flopppeed fuk her anotha sell out

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