Behind the scenes of MTV with Bashy!

25 02 2009



4 responses

25 02 2009

since when could bashy sing well??!! i’m impressed

25 02 2009

is thast mtv studio in camden?
is that u singing on I see people?
why did u decide to change the first line in the song? Id be interested in knowing..
what was this in aid for?
Props tho bashy..a real good performance x

25 02 2009

i’m shean’s dj, he said it was a big show and it’s looks that way from the video!

i’m just living my dreeeeeam.. smash

26 02 2009

Whaaaat, Bashy singing again?! And you sound even better than the Black and Gold kareoke….I’m impressed!!

Yeap that’s MTV Studios Europe in camden…this brings back memories of when I did work experience there. Glad UK artists are getting more exposure on MTV….when I was there it was mainly American artists getting shown love.

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