Trailer 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 02 2009

No Comment!




4 responses

17 02 2009

diss film looks good…wot other films have you seen recently…or wana see that you can recommend?

21 02 2009

This Film Is Gonna B Over Hard G Check Out The Trailers For G.I. Joe Looks Ard Too

22 02 2009
Nicole (Cherries TnT) Louis

didnt numba 1 jus cum out.. wow i aint even seen dat i yet :o/

28 04 2009

My uncle is an artist for a company that does 3-D props, sculptures, retail displays, theater standees, large-scale replicas and all kinds of cool stuff. He told me last week that they just shipped a project that they couldn’t talk about (legal stuff??) because it was going to hundreds of theaters around the country to promote a movie coming out in May. After checking out their website I wonder if it’s ROTF!!! If anyone gets a pic, pls post!!!!!

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