K.I.G Family – Head Shoulders Knees & Toes Video

13 02 2009


Brand New Video from K.I.G Family. Support UK. See my Cameo?




9 responses

13 02 2009

LOOOL Bashy I thought you were the grey dancer guy in the suit you look bare like him, then saw the beard no hype lol

13 02 2009

Cool to see an official video for this.

Saw plenty of faces in there as well, including the BashBeard!

13 02 2009
Nate Dizzle

The Tune is Big, the video is aight. To be honest I preffered the 1st video. But its all progress 2009 is our year!

13 02 2009

haha I dont think anyone cud hav missed the bish bash BEARD 🙂
I saw dappy..who else was in it?
ps..bash-what were u wearin rwnd ur neck- it was crazy?!

14 02 2009

^ That is his Africa chain

15 02 2009
Nicole (Cherries TnT) Louis

LMAO LMAO LMAO where did they get those people from!!!! LOL dat was da funniest vid I’ve eva seen.. LMAO wikid

16 02 2009
Jaii Jaii

Ahhhh Y Diid Dey Do Diis
Da Original Viid Ws Much Betta
Diis 1 Jus Ent As Funni Or Real Lol

Da Songs Still Ard Tho


4 03 2009

i love this video head shoulders knees and toes it sick xxx peace out

4 03 2009

the vid is ok but isnt any gd as the first one what made ya do it lol, peace out

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