The longest running War of all time!

10 02 2009

…battle of the sexes!

The below post is an answer back to this …shout out to ‘Anonymous’ & AI & RP & the whole Tribe called next team!


1. Make sure you keep in shape, but aren’t too skinny. The first thing I notice is your appearance, then your personality.

2. Don’t expect me to buy you a drink, I have learnt the hard way that girls see this as a sign of desperation, & I will just be used as an ATM. Even Worse don’t give the drink to your girlfriend and then laugh like your clever. Your just waste gash.

3. Don’t think that I don’t know that your only more interested in me now I have a girlfriend is because you are insecure and the idea of ’stealing’ me from my girl makes you feel pretty.

4. Don’t start talking to me after you have seen my car, or colour of my bank card, or seen me in a video/tv/magazine etc. I know think your a gold digging whore, and even if I do do something with you , it aint going nowhere.

5. Don’t wear so much makeup you look like a clown, and your obviously hiding something.

6. Don’t expect me to think your a lady, when you dress like a tramp.

7. Don’t expect me to pay for everything and then start banging on about equal rights. Bitch Please!

8. Don’t try to get me to ditch my ‘no good mates’ this lets me know that I should ditch you.

9. Don’t expect me to beat everyone up who looks at you the wrong way.

10. Going down on me is not equal to going down on you. It takes longer for you to come, and my jaw will ache more than yours.

11. Don’t expect me to stop acting like an arrogant twat, because thats how I attracted you in the first place, and if I actually give you the things you want, you will drop me like a bad habit. You girls are fucked up like that.

12. Not all my girl friends are girls I have fucked, or want to fuck. Grow Up.

13. Why dont we make this relationship a 50/50 thing. Seriously.

14. Tell your fat mate, who has never had a man, to keep her fucking nose out of our relationship. She is not qualified to offer advice, and she just wants everyone to be as miserable and lonely as she is.

15. If you let me have sex with you straight away, I will probably bounce, unless its actually absolutely amazing.

16. When we have sex you are allowed to initiate/show some moves as well, I dont have to do all the work.

17. Dont ask me if your bum looks big, go for a run you fat bitch. You were fit when I met you, Im about to leave cos your just a fat nagging bitch who spends all my money now. Im dying inside and its your fault.

18. Dont pull it like its made of wood, and dont use your teeth (too much).

19. Dont be a robocop.


Ladies this is not at all an attack, this is simply a way of helping you understand the opposite sex that little bit more. This is just advice you can take it or leave it

If you haven’t learnt anything We hope that you at least found it funny. We love you & this is why we are telling you!

Ladies & Gents have your say!

-CJ Beatz




7 responses

10 02 2009

LOOooOOL! this is jowkes numba 7 is da one lol tru doe neva thought of it dat way haha.
‘You girls’
the only thing bout dis is whoeva wrote this probz thinks all girls are the same :S Nahhh Matee
but its jowkez lol

10 02 2009

loool! this did make me laugh i think there all kinda sorta true especially the if you have sex straight away a man will bounce unless its amazing… no man can resist great @£$%^!!

10 02 2009

Gwan bashy. lol

10 02 2009
Aitch Anonymous

Haha. I can’t believe all the spelling mistakes I made. It was like 4 in the morning though.



Aitch, AfterShocks New Producer.
facebook: aitch anibaba

Shout out to Bashy


11 02 2009

Looooooooooooooool @ 2 and 3.. this post is jokes xxx

11 02 2009

i guess it isnt jus me who thinks that way! :DD

12 02 2009

Number 17!! Lmao urt me that did, Real talk 🙂

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