At the Movies with Bish Bash Bosh – Notorious

10 02 2009


Sad Story - Killed at 24
Sad Story – Killed at 24
Well, what can I say! I was invited to a sort of Premiere/Screening along with Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Chipmunk, Ironik and a few other industry heads. Biggie’s mum Voletta Wallace was there & so was the guy who played Biggie...’Jamal Woolard‘.
Right most of us know how the story ends so its all about how the director & actors take you on the journey! The cinematography is decent but I definitely feel they could have made it more Hyper real, because from what I remember Big n Puff were living some glamorous lives. The acting in the movie is good n I couldn’t really see anyone else other that Jamal play the New York Rapper.   

I enjoyed the movie alot beacause I was gripped right the way through n feel it was a good watch but felt that it was very light themed & not dark enough, it was quite pretty & felt it needed to be more gritty. Not taking anything away from the Director but would like to have seen Spike Lee or John Singleton take a shot at the movie!

The story obviously chronicles Notorious B.I.G’s life but I didn’t to see much of the relationship between himself & Puffy which I wished would have been explored more! There is a sex scene with Big n Lil Kim & the girl who plays Kim has a buff lil body stiiiiillllll! The film could have been longer too even if it is 2 hours but Big’s life was so intense it could have been three hours easily. All in all there are no real obvious flaws with this film & I think it paints the Brooklyn Rapper in a good light & portrays a positive guy. What was noted is they didn’t antagonize Tupac which was tasteful, I can see that they didn’t seek to destroy Pac’s rep. The saddest thing for me is that he was killed 24 which is the age I turned last week, that is overly sad!


Bashy & Voletta Wallace (Biggie's Mum)

Bashy & Voletta Wallace (Biggie's Mum)

This movie gets the thumbs up from me, if you want some light hearted entertainment go watch this movie!




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10 02 2009

wow..u met biggies mum..that must have been crazy! did she say her opinion on the film? I’d b interested on how she thought it was fairly represented.. mad that you met her!

10 02 2009
Fr... the geek

the film is aiight, I enjoyed it alot more than I thought i would, and agree 100%, that it is a nice feel good film, and lacks the darker side to BIG, that ruthless side that we all know blantantly existed, but perhaps his mum didn’t wanna see that on film or didn’t know too much about that side of him and did want to explore that. (she backed the film, also producer or something like that).

I think Spike Lee and Singleton, great Directors still, not sure if they would have done this film the justice, maybe singleton but not Spike he’s in his own world b! great film maker though, in fact he’s my fav’!

Oh last thing, Jamal who plays Biggie, if u don’t know, is the Rapper ‘Gravy’ if you don’t know about him, try and get 2 of his mixtapes…

1- unreasonable doubt

2 – the co-sign with Jadakiss

quite old now, by a few years, but fire still, Gravy is Nice on the mic trust.


11 02 2009

^^ like my man said . gravy is nice man. that unreasble doubt cd got too much play when it dropped. check him on the old on the come up dvds too

13 02 2009

The Film Is Very Poorly Researched.

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