New Bizzle …

4 02 2009

Somthin taken from the new Bizzle album …




8 responses

5 02 2009

reallly not a fan of this. but at least its something new

5 02 2009

yet another artist using auto coder
‘erm great’

5 02 2009

y not its hot “im a dreamer”

5 02 2009
grime forum

he’s copied wiley on the electro now then auto coder.


5 02 2009

Yeh whys He Catin Wiley Doe?
Fink that instrumentals Kinda Soothin Still
But If He Went Full Spittin Den He Might Have made it Worst loool

5 02 2009

Stop the hate try and support it instead of cuttin up your artists fa real man

5 02 2009

woulda been aight minus tha auto tune

7 02 2009
Big Rick

Never would’ve imagined Letahal Bizzle over a J Dilla beat R.I.P the late great J Dilla

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