Lil Dwayne …sorry Wayne!

30 01 2009

Is it just me or is somthing slightly …erm …wierd with Weezy

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30 01 2009

too much drugs…..but i think he was just trying to show that he can be professional and speak correctly but yeah it was a bit weird. I understand what he is saying bout his dad though..why use his name when he aint been there

30 01 2009

i think all that sizzurp is gettin to him! but nah thas lil wayne for u hes one of a kind fo’sure
weezy can be articulate at times n other times he appears f**** up like the videoclips ‘on the bus’ <—- hes a hot mess in some o dem clips…

30 01 2009
Anthony *aNt

seems weird but dats lil wayne, and yh respect to wayne for being his ‘own’ man which i can realte to, single mothers i’m a son to one. Grammy’s is gonna be live though but yh peace Bashford! And if u could check my blog, safe -Anthony *aNt-

30 01 2009
da truth

of course this clown has lost his marbles

he been high n drunk since he was 12 everyday probly sniffing smoking of course its gonna catch up on him

31 01 2009

hes a freak lol

1 02 2009

‘Gangsters don’t ask questions’ is my new Thought For The Day still

He’s not quite off his rocker yet, and he’s a character. His interviews are quite intriguing in my opinion. Ignoring the truly ridiculous ones knocking about of course

1 02 2009

oh yeah, and only real gangstas go bowling.

R.I.P Megabowl Streatham branch. Gone but not forgotten.

2 02 2009
Nicole (Cherries TnT) Louis

What’s weird is all dem tatoos ova da mans face.. wot da hells is alla dat?????????? lookin like an AZ gone wrong.. wot a shame…

but I’m wid FullyGrown on ‘gangstas don’t ask questions’ – he left out da incriminatin bit ‘we shoot first’ – but i know he said it in his mind… hheee

9 02 2009

tbf lil wayne is ill but he is a fuck up…too much drink n drugs.

n whats he chatting about being a gangster…his been signed by major labels and on the road since he was lyk wot…13? when did he have the time to be a gangster? he needs to drop that bullshit.

his big tho

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