Credit Crunch Date with Gemma Cairney from BBC 1xtra.

29 01 2009

Right Imma single guy…So I’m currently dating so its good to get some tips & ideas on how to do it on the cheap cos this shit gets expensive after a while, I’ve been doing it nearly two years n the bills are mounting LMAO!

Yesterday Morning, Gemma who is Trevor Nelson’s co presenter on the 1xtra Breakfast Show offered to take me on a date…she’s so lovely how I could I refuse? Well it’s a bit of a cheat cos I already know Gemma from the BRIT School & cos of that I knew it would be fun.  Anyway her task was to take me on a good date for £13.25……LMAO. I thought is was impossible but I aint gonna lie she managed to pull a very good date on a limted budget. Everything was good but I was still kinda hungry after the date but all good.

Gemma took me to a cafe to warm me up…Two Hot Chocs £1.20 each 

My Beard is too much now man...

My Beard is too much now man...

   Then we went to buy bus passes but the shop didn’t have any so she decided to take me on a romatic walk. She bought an umbrella so we didn’t get soaked! Aaah So Sweet. She also got it for £3 when it cost £6. Credit Crunch times baby!

Walking in the Rain!

Walking in the Rain!

Next Up was Gemma’s heavy plan to go to the British Library. There was FREE exhibit there called ‘ ‘Taking Liberty’ which was banging. No money Spent.

Outside British Library

Outside British Library

Gemma the decided to get some Chips for us n if we wernt in teefing arse Kings Cross we could have got two portions but couldn’t cos they were £2. I think Gem bought herself a 8Op drink too.

Looks like I'm feeding innit? Nope was tryna get some chips for myself!

Looks like I'm feeding innit? Nope was tryna get some chips for myself!

We then jumped on a bus back which cost £2 each. The stinking bus driver tried leave Gemma cos we forgot to pay at the stop n when she got off he closed the door I was Like ‘Yo Man’…..When I drove the bus I never did shit like that.

All in all the date was good…See you don’t have to  be rich…Just be creative! 




9 responses

29 01 2009

Omdz u wer near da British Library ! im der lyk evryday not da library but near dem bits. dese tymz i cudda got an autograph!! pissd.

29 01 2009

u went to the brits school?

29 01 2009

you need more blogs like this..

ask your girl..

add me to the blog roll brother

30 01 2009

The question is…. Did you smash!!!!

2 02 2009

This seems like it was an enjoyable date! I love the creativity! Gemma gives me so much joke every morning on the breakfast show! She’s a true star in the making! big post Bashy!

2 02 2009
Nicole (Cherries TnT) Louis

LOL I luv it… hot chocolate £1.20 – but it was nasty n watery.. ugh! :o)

3 02 2009

No he did NOT smash! Xx

3 02 2009


9 02 2009

Did he smash LMAOO. . !

Awww you both looked like u had fun Bash. . When out credit crunch date eh lol. .

Bigs up huni x

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