Barack tryin to clean up Bush’s sh*t on Arab TV

27 01 2009

President Obama isn’t wasting any time in his efforts to change the American image in the Middle East:

Barack Obama gave his first formal television interview as US President to an Arabic cable TV network, telling Al-Arabiya that when it comes to Middle East matters “all too often the United States starts by dictating”.

Mr Obama taped the interview with the Dubai-based network as his envoy to the Middle East, former Senator George Mitchell, set out for an eight-day trip to the region and elsewhere.

The interview complemented the new administration’s first efforts to reach out to Arab leaders in the region, who have been wary at best of US efforts to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Mr Obama said he felt it important to “get engaged right away” in the Mideast and had directed Mr Mitchell to talk to “all the major parties involved”. His administration would craft an approach after that, he said in the interview.





One response

28 01 2009

the only reason people are rating him at the moment is because he is the first black president..its all hype…would you be posting up links if it was a white president. He will be just as shit as any other president, because they are all the same. out to get what they want…not what us the public want. I am a mixed raced boy, and I’m just not washing to this stuff..he looks sly like bush once did. remember i told you…

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