Sly ‘Fox’ – Trying it again!

23 01 2009

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This Fox SHIT is really making my blood boil! They’ve got a problem with them saying ‘My President is Black’? WTF!? I got news for them plonkers……‘HE IS!! 

Michelle Malkin!? She come like a lil fucking snitch! Fox are trying to throw dirt on the rappers n Obama! Did you see when she was trying to say ‘Jay Z was invited guest’?? Blatently trying to suggest something! They’re really dragging on this aint they! Rapper have been cussing Presidents for years now they’re bigging one up people are complaining…Get the FUCK out of ere! Anyway…Just came from the gym…My body is battered!




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23 01 2009

News must be shit over there if this is all they’ve got to chat about. Too many snakes in the newsroom lol. Be Checkin’ ma blog.

23 01 2009

Is it bless to call a Mixed Race person black? I know some that don’t lke it.. They feel like the other half of their heritage is disregarded.

Proud of Obambam though, great man & he stands for alot.

Kl beans.

23 01 2009

Fox has always been right winged & extremely conversative and that’s a known fact. Some could argue they fuel the fire for extreme republicans and rest assured Obama will be scrutinised on a DAILY basis with Bill O’Reilly at the helm of their news broadcasts.

That man doesn’t even annoy me anymore, this may sound outspoken but forget about hip-hop music, his attitude towards even bigger issues (i.e: the ethnic minorities) makes me want to wile out sometimes.
If people are a bit clueless reading this I suggest they simply go to youtube and type in his name.
Its quite funny because I actually had to write an article arguing how the channel Fox can be used as an important method of Propaganda for the greedy, Capitalist Republicans (Not specifically that title! LOL).

23 01 2009
SupaStar Omar

Fox News is just bitter that he is actually President so they’re just picking on any little thing to try slander Obama. If u notice no other media outlets are following this story except Fox news. It don’t matter though….MY PRESIDENT’S BLACK!

23 01 2009

Fair enough, FOX do twist stuff. But imagine if a bunch of famous white people, went to a club and started screaming “NO MORE LIES, BECAUSE OUR PRESIDENTS WHITE”. Black people would be offended.

I just dont get why now that theres a black president, how it gives everyone a license to insult white people and big up black people. He’s a politician god dammit! No one was saying anything when JFK a white man, was improving the health service and trying to erradicate poverty. No one even in brought in race.

I think people can do Hussein a favour and keep all this race labeling aside, so he can focus on the bigger picture; fixing america.

23 01 2009

to Rez: I agree with you in the sense due to the fact if any white person was heard chanting that the whole community would go up in arms. But saying that, I think we are touching on a huge issue (what is politically correct etc…) that is wayyyyyyyy 2 tedious to get into! lol

23 01 2009

Black Stand Up

23 01 2009

i’m black and i agree with raz,

we have a black president and have moved on from an era where we are judge soly by our skin. So why are we still calling our selves dirty words like ni£%er. lets rejoice in da fact we’ve come this far and do more to stop holding our selves back and the ni*&er aint doing shit for our prospects.

23 01 2009

I get what your saying Rez…..BUT to my knowledge no one has been insulting white people… insult white people would be stupid because it was white Americans voting along with black/latino Americans that won Obama the presidency…..he wouldn’t have won with just black votes.

And lastly I don’t blame black Americans for going on about Obama and the fact that he’s black (mixed race)……for centuries/generations black Americans have been oppressed and treated as second class citizens……..but now someone that looks like them has made it to become one of the most powerful people in America/the world – its a big step from slavery to the white house……Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency is a beautiful thing for not only black people to celebrate, but anybody who believes that the colour of a person’s skin shouldn’t define their success or the way other’s treat them.

Sorry about this “essay” but a sista had to say her piece!

24 01 2009

DeeDee i get what ur is bitter man…”they even threw in the N word”hang the n word not normally used with rappers?!
Whats up with celebrating the fact that the president is black?
I lke the tune..
its sort of the whole black boys contrevesy isnt it…heres nothin wrong with it man, people r jus bitter..

24 01 2009

There is too much emphasis on him being black , when he’s mixed anyway. Its just annoying, especially for those black people who think things are gonna be better for them because the predsident is black. He might be black but the country is still ran by white men, and until the majority of young black people change their ways and become more like Barack Obama nothing will change much.

25 01 2009

hes not even black, hes MIXED RACE

25 01 2009

that was racist. sorry but it was. like rez said if famous white guys started sayin no more lies my presdent is white, infront of a crowd of rocker heads. black ppl wud n up in arms shoutin n crying sayin u cant say tht sh*t. obama will probaly be a great president n do alot of great things but not because he is black. because he is a good president. if he starts f*cking up like bush did will everybody say is because he is black???

25 01 2009

they need to shut tha fuzzle up

25 01 2009

michelle malkin is a lil oriental biatch

28 01 2009

I understand where Rez is coming from but the whole report had a racist slant. Its unlikey that White Americans would say ‘ no lie my president is white’ because frankly they have had 43 white presidents anyway, it holds no significance to them. As for the thing abut him being mixed race, yes he is mixed race but many American people especially during salvery seem to regard a person with mixed racial heritage black or ‘coloured’ and I have noticed that when a mixed race person has done something ‘bad’ they are black, but as soon as they do something ‘good’ everyone wants to call them mixed race. Its all bullocks really, we should just acknowlegde him for what he is. A man who has great expectations, for many black americans his race is important because maye they never thought they would see the day and i think we should just respect that.
Like someone said its like the whole black boys thing, i don’t think theres anything particlarly racist in the tune its just that because it focuses on one race people start becoming offended.

1 05 2009

It is great to have this man as president but why do black peeps claim Barack Obama as a black man? He is not black, he is mixed race – the son of a black father and a white mother. White people don’t claim him as white do they? No, because that would mean either they are stupid or blind. Even Obama himself distanced himself from the claims by black people that he belonged to them. He does’nt – get over it!

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