Billy O’Reilly Gets on My fucking Nerves!

22 01 2009

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We knew it was coming but was just wondering how ignorant & dumb it was gonna be! The politics & media in America is on a next level! They will slate you & not give a fuck. Jay Z & Jeezy are big enough artists to brush it off but still man…Fox Television is dangerous! Jeezy peace out? They’re just taking the piss!




6 responses

22 01 2009

Listen to “Sly Fox” on Nas’ NIGGER album… Fox news are the devil rudeboy. They diss black people on a weekly basis

22 01 2009

We all know O’Reilly is a racist little scumbag, check out the footage of him with Cam’Ron

22 01 2009

you knows what so stupid about it!…der wasent nothing racist about it…they were just saying they were happy bush got his ass dashed out (which i think everyone agree with) and that there president is black (which is a good move for black people everywhere)

23 01 2009

fox news is the most fucked right-wing channel going! leading up to the election me n my bro watched a lot of their shit in disgust, and you kno who they had on giving his views on Obama??? fuckin Chuck Norris, that was one of their political experts…Chuck Norris! speaks for itself

24 01 2009

no more bush no more iraq no more white lies my prsident is back…
i see nothing wrong with this song..infact i like it!
and obama wouldnt like it whhhy?! the reason isnt to make money- it was to celebrate..arg these guys are too much..these guys are jus..too muhc..

24 01 2009

Wts their problem like black people cant be happy about a BLACK president
I mean its the majority of these White journalists who always talk about him being “BLACK” like it makes a difference
i Swear o’Reilly needs A SLAP

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