Barack Obama – The 44th American President!

20 01 2009
Amazing & Inspiring!

Amazing & Inspiring!

All I can say is Today, we have witnessed HISTORY! I’m not gonna bang on too much because I could go for hours about this man n you’re gonna hear alot about Barack Obama in the next few months EVERYWHERE including my Blog…but all Imma say is; we are on our way to the promise land! Lets hope he can deliver because there is alot of pressure on the young presidents shoulders. I really wished I was in Washington today but to be honest it was good to see it on the T.V with all the edits cos the amount of people I saw there was NUTS! I was going crazy when he took the oath!

He is inspiration to me n probably the rest of the world! Lets hope he does us proud!

Black people have fought & fought to get to this moment so lets celebrate…!!

Rosa Sat, So Martin can, So Obama could Run & Our Children can Fly….LOVE THAT! – All things are Possible!

Good Luck Barack Hussain Obama! 

Read his Full Inaugral Speech Here.




4 responses

20 01 2009

me and my mum jus watched one programme on his life!!!
all i can say is this man is an INSPIRATION not jus 2 black people but to everyone!!!!!

20 01 2009

Completely inspirational. I was moved just watching it on TV. Can’t imagine how amazing it would’ve been to have been there in Washington.

20 01 2009

me n dad watched it from like 2 till now..bloody hell..what a day. lots of people I know didnt watch it- why on earth not?! I feel so honoured that I have witnessedhistory. In years to come, this will be in the dusty old history books used to teach kids, to impart wisdom on this genius of a man. Obama has so much charisma, passion and is a great speaker, what can i say about Gordon Brown? Nothing. British politics is so boring, he does not appear to be as enthusiastic as Obama is.

It was only 45 years that Dr Martin Luther King made that inspirational speech. And isnt it crazy that Obama was made to stick to the ridicules rules before blacks were liberated. Being forced to sit at the back of a bus earlier in his life BECOMING AMERICAS FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT THE NEXT!!!!

Im so happy about this..its quite bad about Ted Kennedy though, opefully he’ll make a speedy recovery..

Obama..what a legend

22 01 2009

i am happy for the us but we need some thing like this in the uk at the end of the day i am english and fukall happens in my contry i want a black primew minister

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