15 01 2009

When they said Hip Hop was dead I dont think they accounted for this dude!

Armania STAND UP!!! LMAO

for more jokes …sorry mean music search him on youtube!




7 responses

15 01 2009

Ain’t that the guy in Training Day?

16 01 2009

wtf , this dude has my name 😐

16 01 2009
Blogul lui | Blogul lui » Kro - Dolya Vorovskaya feat Alik Gunashyan

[…] vazut videoclipul pe blog la Bashy (un rapper englez , asta pentru cine nu stie ) , cand vad Kro , zic wtf cineva mai are nume ca al […]

16 01 2009

Not even.. you have MY name… go make a post about it.
And it is the guy from Training Day.

16 01 2009

are you sure? Ralph , you better go and make good music, I just listened some of you tracks and you are not far away from kro

25 01 2009

looool how? I don’t know but thanks… It put a smile on my face
No homo.

I don’t know who you are though but your aware of me? Figures.

I thought you meant I had your name… I just clocked you were talking about kro… what a name to have. Speech impediment meets crap imagination.

Safe for the play(s)


25 01 2009

its armenia you little ignorant wasteman

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