Reality bites!

9 01 2009

Despite becoming the first British female solo artist to sell over 1 million singles in the UK, Alexandra Burke is only earning £250 a night for live appearances according to the Daily Mail.
Her debut single Hallelujah outsold Leona Lewis’ debut and is set to become the best-selling single by a female artist this decade, ousting current record-holder Kylie Minogue who has sold 1.1 million copies of Spinning Around.

Alexandra is currently performing alongside Laura White, Eoghan Quigg, Diana Vickers and Rachel Hylton as part of the X Factor tour. Her co-stars will receive a similar amount but boyband JLS will only earn £100 each per night for their performances.

Tax, a 20% management fee and expenses will also be deducted from their earnings.

Tickets for London’s O2 arena start at £28.50 meaning a sold-out performance could earn organisers over half a million pounds.

Are the promoters of X Factor live being greedy or are this year’s contestants lucky to be there in the first place?





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9 01 2009

Bashy do u check your myspace?

We have tried to hit you up along different communication channels.

We have that beat man.. Truss you gotta see the vision – we have the vision (club)

anyway to make it easier its the last beat on the showreel:
http://www. divshare. com/download/6257015-be3

9 01 2009

Ill check that out!

10 01 2009

bashy..this is jokes..was out last night and heard this track (dont ask why it was played..!) but the lyric “Bish bash bosh it” is in it and i was like ohhhhmygoood! ARE in Bob the builders new track..
your going places
haha (it appears at 2.10 incase you dont wanna listen to the awful song!)

10 01 2009

man thats shit…better off on independent labels!

12 01 2009


Bash – safe for when you check out the showreel..

hit us me back @

or message

15 01 2009

They’re getting pimped by Simon Cowel….cause he’s making bag loads of money off of their backs!

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