Street Fighter – Legend of Chung Li

8 01 2009


I’m unsure about this. I’ll do At the movie’s with Bish Bash Bosh but I reckon its gonna be cack. Who remember the 1st Street Fighter with Jean Claude Van Damme….It was Bollocks!. The manga was serious though!




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8 01 2009
DJ Cable

The fact that Chris Klein & Taboo from B.E.P. are starring in it cements the fact that it’ll be shit….

Still, it’ll have to go a long, long way to be as poor as the original movie with Van Damme!

8 01 2009

Thats nuts – first im hearing of this – I need to get to cinema on time one of these days to see trailers!!! Not sure about this though – dunno if these youts of today really even respect streetfighter for what it was (So special at one point that you could only play it in arcade machines unless you forked out maaad p for a “Neo Geo”)

It must be fate though – I put out my own version of “streetfighter” the other day….

Check it….

8 01 2009

wait..HANG Onnnnnnn bollocks?! BOLLOCKS?!
I care to differ! Streetfighter is BLOODY amazing!its like..such a CLASSIC film!!! goooosh…

10 01 2009

The Van Damme film was such shit lol, this one looks swag too, and the Dragon Ball movie they’re bringin out looks swagg, fucking up my childhood with these movies I swear.

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