*BIG NEWS* Adulthood Star Noel Clarke Up For BAFTA!!!

8 01 2009
Noel Clarke - Rising Star

Noel Clarke - Rising Star

Right, this is big business! A BAFTA? Are you fucking sick!? We need to support this shit & I’m not pissing about. Noel Clarke of Adulthood, Kidulthood & Dr Who, has been nominated for BAFTA’s Orange Rising Star Award. This is the worlds 3rd biggest Acting Ceremony. Now its important that you vote cos this brudda represents us & I’m not talking colour here, I’m talking some1 who reps where we come from. Anyone who enjoyed Kidulthood or Adulthood should vote because you know how this industry works. They’d rather not give the street any sort of credit.  Its free to vote so make sure you do it!

Click Below & Vote Noel Clarke. Fingers Crossed!



Text: CLARKE to 82058






6 responses

8 01 2009

ya dun kno i vote noel clark is a sik actor director writer his a badman big up yaself bash 2 for putin dis up

8 01 2009

I knew he’d go on to do big things..a genius right there

9 01 2009

4 defo got my vote.
My idol… no homo

9 01 2009

fuckin he was born 1975 he is old i hope he wins this lol his like 33 4t he was 25 good actor 2 play such a young man lol in sam on kidulthood and adultdhood

9 01 2009


12 01 2009

I Done Both !!
Noel Deserves To Win !!
Both KiDULTHOOD And AdULTHOOD Are Amazing Films And They Are So Powerful Because They Show How Things Are Straight Up.. Don’t Try To Cover Anything Up.
Amazing Actor, Writer And Director !!

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