Inside the Google HQ!

7 01 2009


These pics are from the Google HQ in Switzerland, click below to see more – trust me, IT’s ALOT!




5 responses

7 01 2009

hav u never seen the ebay offices in LDN?

7 01 2009

bish bash boshhhhh…wots good? soz i no diss is completely irrelevant but… i been listenin 2 yr tunes for timee now and every1 knows you are really possitive. In your lyrics u talk alot about wot u been through and dat…like u been through alot of things dat people go through every 16 init..and alot of things i go through everyday u talk about in your tunes..i think u should do a page on diss website where people can ask u 4 advice and u can help in da best way init…its different plus i think u would be good at it alie….people from da ends dont have sum1 like dat get me and i aint talkin bout FRANK lol….

7 01 2009

init give us your advice

8 01 2009

Ill do that!

9 01 2009


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