Wiley Vs Goodz – U Decide!

6 01 2009

Just found out about this…I think I’m late but FUCK ME…The two greats at it Again? I dunno what to say…all I can say is……Nothing!

Durrty Goodz – Cokey the Snowman.

Doogz is just fire…I think he’s heavy. One of the best. I wouldn’t wanna get in his way. Good thing we cool.

Wiley – Angry Garden Gnome.

I don’t know what Wiley eating right now but I want some, cos he’s FUCKING Hard right now (no homo!)  

 What Dya Think?







8 responses

6 01 2009

goodz is ahead in my opinion, but regardless of who done better people will say wiley won coz hes the “godfather of grime”

a radio clash will settle this!

6 01 2009

Bottom line is this is good for the fans, and kicks up a bit of hype the scene has been missing recently.

I think Goodz killed it, but Wiley is in top-nick right now, so boy…

It’s a lot still

6 01 2009

i mean wiley went hard which was good to hear after listening to the “see clear” album (which never got bashviewed btw) but FUCK durrty goodz came HARD. i seem to notice wiley brings out the best in people when they diss him (ghetts,devs,scorcher,bizzle etc.) but i mean i wonder if wiley will reply .. time will tell

6 01 2009

I remember days wen diss tracks had better names then ANGRY GARDEN GNOME!

6 01 2009
grime forum


ok goodz did bring up alot of cusses. but it got too boring.

wiley mentioning titch, using goodz flow, and some hard bars 2.

6 01 2009
crazy titch

Wiley won , the brother lyrics and his delivery deaded doogz, Doogz just sounds like a 15 year old having a 7 minute rant, his voice kept on gettin more higher pitched the longer the ‘freestyle’ went on , all the stuff he said about wiley we knew at least 5 years ago and every Mc that has clashed wiley has used before, it was all too predictable from doogz .

7 01 2009
Dat N!&&A Fabz

Goodz… man killed wiley.. ‘brought yur summer hit out in october’ lmao! real talk!

Wiley beat was better i fink doe… hype beat.. Goodz shuda dun a 4min reply not a whole 7mins…

But regradless, Goodz won… wiley on point doe!

29 01 2009

Goodz killed Wiley on both dubs.

Titch dissing Wiley on the dub mad everything Wiley said sound stupid.

“Panty, bras, coke and cameras” Loooooooool Wiley got PAR’d

Goodz is the superior MC, just been listening to Ultrasound..it’a a lot.

Durrty Goodz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wiley

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