Lil Wayne goes in on X-Factor

6 01 2009


Looks like Lil Wayne still has a few good brain cells left in that big dome of his:

In these days of media training and artists with very little to say- you have to love Lil’ Wayne. Ask him a question and he’ll give you an answer. In a recent interview the 26-year-old was asked if he would have entered a talent show like X-Factor and the rapper didn’t pull any punches.

He said: “That seems so fabricated, to get up in front of judges who are first thinking about being on TV as celebrities”. It certainly seems the rapper’s beef is more with Simon Cowell and his fellow judges than contestants like Alexandra Burke, adding “they [the judges] have their own celebrity and I wouldn’t want to be up against that. They can’t be totally focused on observing your talent”. 2008’s top lyricist signed off reality TV in his own unique style, saying: “I would rather go through all that out in the world”.

Shout out 2 Bossip!




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