Straight Srikes All Night…Well Sometimes!

29 12 2008
I Came Second! Pissed!

I Came Second! Pissed!

Last night I dragged my black arse to Park Royal to link up with my man dem from School to play some pool & bowling. I got battered in the pool…Im kinda rusty…nah I’m just shit actually. But the Bowling was a different story. I came second in the end cos of some shit bowling on the 8th but still managed to hold on to second. Its good to link up with your friends truss me…I caught the most joke..Shout out Harry, T & P.




10 responses

29 12 2008


Let man borrow dat sweater fam!!!

Is it hoodied also???

29 12 2008

LOL! You like it?

29 12 2008

is it evisu?

30 12 2008

its money clothing isnt it?!

30 12 2008

Could be! Yeah It is!

30 12 2008

ur serious about the beard alie bash lol

31 12 2008

You look cute with that green bowling ball with your green hoodie 🙂
Happy new year! Just heard about your website through 1xtra, one of your live recordings I think. Loving ur music ^_-

1 01 2009

o dam i go bowling at park royal. thats my ends! Ill be on the lookout next time i go.

3 01 2009

PARK ROYAL!!!!!!!!!!
R U SURE????????????????????

4 01 2009

lol 4 real i aint been park royal 4 tiiiimmme i have 2 go dere n go bowling again

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