Brick & Lace

23 12 2008

I know i’m suuuppper late on this but have litterally just been put up on these two artists – Brick & Lace. They’ve been signed to Geffen for a hot minute but this year moved onto Akons Kon Live imprint (Kardinal Official, Colby O’Donis, Lady Gagga, Sway, etc …) & this song is really dope, suprised it wernt blazing over here in the summer of ’08 but hopefully gets a few spins in ’09 …




2 responses

26 12 2008

They’ve been around for QUITE a while, that song was out from last year. It’s slowly catching a buzz over here. I interviewed them earlier this year for Origins Media –

Hopefully Kon Live will do right by them. They COULD be quite big, alie?

27 12 2008

i saw this video in nigeria and i was shocked
and im shocked dat dey haven’t been playing it over here
dere good doe

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