I see People – video

22 12 2008

BIG, BIG, BIG thanks  Didadeedz for putting this video together …




8 responses

22 12 2008
SupaStar Omar

Big up ur chest Bash, very strong video its a great look.

I see ur on dis video ting now, keeep up da good work.

22 12 2008

truth!! the video is definitely a god look and the emory douglas theme was TOOOO WICKED!!! touched on all aspects visually and lyrically, people need to open their eyes and stop being sheep, debt slaves and plain ignorant
that bar…’whats the reason our madres are grieving’…..solid, shows versatility….peace, from a king to king

22 12 2008


good 2 see u done da vid 4 this


22 12 2008

its alot its alot

22 12 2008

didadeedz…great video..props

23 12 2008

Dontchaknooooww!!! Eyyyy… ur killin the online thing without me?? Damn you!!!


28 12 2008
Music critic

Sorry mate,

Bashy is digging himself a deep hole. I love the guy’s music and appreciate the message his trying to put across. But the media is only going to fuck him over. This whole pro-black shit won’t work in England, or Europe. Who is he trying to be 2Pac?

Mate, that shit won’t wash in this country!
In Atlanta the Pro-black stuff “MAYBE” able to sell. Commercial stations like radio one won’t give a track like that airplay.

28 12 2008

its not for radio one…the people who like this track n understand it are the people its meant for. If you listen to the track properly it doesn’t just talk about ‘BLACK PEOPLE’…But as usual the Bristish mentality is to swicth off whenever the word ‘Black’ comes into play.

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