Saturday Night Fever – Sunday Headache!

21 12 2008

Bish Bash BlackBeard

Still haven't shaved it!

Still haven't shaved it!

If you follow the blog as you should…Tut Tut Tut if you haven’t. But anyway I have a little personal bet with myself that I won’t shave my beard until I finish my album. I must admit, right now struggling, this shit is mad uncomfortable. I still reckon I can do it….Do you?

Trevor Nelson’s BBC Christmas Party

The Bigman Trevor, Bish Bash & The Flee Master

The Bigman Trevor, Bish Bash & The Flee Master

I was invited to the Trevor Nelson’s BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra Show Last Night. The Other guests were Ms Dynamite, Lemar, Stryder Man, Taio Cruz & Gemma. I bumped in to my darg Reggie Yates at the reception cos he just finished his show with Fern Cotton( Pap’s were outside snapping away at her) but he seemed like his was in rush so wern’t evn trying to bug him for a pic. This show was so fucking hilarious, Trevor was out to cuss everyone cos he was playing the role of Bah Humbug LMAO! This was the meanest I’ve ever seen him which is nutty cos he’s actually one of the safest Presenters or DJ’s I’ve come across in this ting. Anyway all good, this was a Christmas Show But what is Christmas without some Kareoke…So?

We was asked to pick one song each Dynamite picked Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby, Lemar did Will Smith – Summertime & I did Sam Sparro – Black & Gold.

The headline cover was Tinchy & Rhianna – Take A Bow 


Roller Disco

Then I flew up to Vauhall for a Birthday Celebration. It was Shawn from The Truth Movement’s B’day so I bucked him n his squad down there to have a laugh. It was cool, Chewy from RWD Mag was on the decks spinning some Funky so it was popping in there. I can use blades but not really skates but I was cool I never hit the floor so cool.

I needed some fucking Blades!

I needed some fucking Blades!


 Blag Club

On the way back from the Roller ting I passed through Blag Club to watch Sophia Romain perform Diamond(from Ragz2Richez)’s  Track.

I bumped into Vis watched the show then me n the Raagz2Richez Team Cut.  


Bish Bash Bosh & Vis aka Sleepy

Bish Bash Bosh & Vis aka Sleepy

Sunday Right now I’m watching Casper then Imma watch ET then Imma hit studio to record a Christmas Track for MistaJam 1xtra Then Hit a one Away Screening!




8 responses

21 12 2008

Ur beard is raggo!
u can do it!

21 12 2008

that looks jooookes..
btw..ur thoughts on Gemma joing trev on the 1xtra breakfast slot? I dont like it! I thought Zena was better, and find gemma quite annoying!

21 12 2008

ps..dude..u can sing!!!!

22 12 2008

This song is too much- i was inspired to make this video when i went to this exhibition on the black panther artist Emory Douglas. So I was in the gallery listening to on my ipod and your lyrics just fit the works that i was seeing.

keep doing ur thing Bashy


22 12 2008

massive day bash lol

23 12 2008

roller discooOO!!
wheres dis one bash????
i wanna go to one

x da fan x

23 12 2008

The Roller Disco is in Vauxhall Honey! On Wandsworth Road Opposite the Sainsburys.


24 12 2008

The beard suits you though…..I’ve always loved the rugged look its uber masculine and sexy!

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