Bish Bosh Bash at Commonwealth Christmas Carol Service.

19 12 2008
Tim Campbell & Bish Bash Black Beard!

Tim Campbell & Bish Bash Black Beard!



I was waiting for the pics thats why this is going up now. On Wednesday I read a Poem for my Gran at the Commonwealth Carol Service at St Martains in the Fields Church. It was a massive service promoting unity & celebrating the fruits of the windrush era. It was a tribute to them & their legacy. My gran was born in Jamaica & came to this country in 1957 , if she never then I wouldn’t be here. I haven’t been to church in a while but I must say I did really enjoy it cos to be honest, usually I don’t. At the moment when it comes to religion I feel slightly lost, I was raised as a Catholic but hardly go to church anymore, some of my friends follow Islam & others are Methodists. So currently I’m confused. Anyway enough of me. The service was very good. Alot of influential people were there from Tim Campbell to the Dominican High Commission. My poem went down very well it was also the first time my grandma had seen me perform & she loved the tribute. After was a carribean dinner party which was nice the Jerk Chicken was on point n so was the Banana Spice Dessert but I thought the Saltfish Cakes were horrible. It was the chance to network so I got to work links are the way forward truss me! 

I just wanna take this opportunity to thank her. x




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19 12 2008

Bashy Your Startin To Resemble a Black Lincoln!

19 12 2008


20 12 2008
Nicole 'Cherries TnT' Louis

Aww! ur such a sweetie. and you look very handsome

22 12 2008

Hey Bashy,

Your reading at the service was great and very touching – your gran is very proud I’m sure.

And btw, I won your goody bag at the raffle at the party – so thanks for donating the prizes! I feel very proud 😉

All the best and Merry Christmas,


9 01 2009

Wah’Gwan Bashy
I Waas Dere At Da Common Wealth Singing Wuv dah Gospel Choir
I Was On The drums While They were Singing ‘Joy To The world’
Loads Of Hornsey Girls Came Up 2 U At The End For autographs Lol
I Was The One Kept On Callin U Ashley Hehe
Dnt watch Dat
Keep Up Dah Records yeh

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