Bashy, Wes Brown & PM talk Anti Knife Issues

13 12 2008
Bish Bash Bosh & Wes Brown talk to PM

Bish Bash Bosh & Wes Brown talk to PM

This was on Thurday in Waterloo & was the reason I was invited to number 10 but it was just a madness. Its crazy that music will take you into these places. It was all good though, I met a load of influential people. John Terry, Ashley Cole, James Degale, Wes Brown & of course Gordon Brown…He aint related to Wes though! Anyway I was there to help launch a new ‘No to Knives Campaign’. I’m not really into politics  but this seems like a good time offer my help for a good cause. The team that was there was mad helpful & didn’t treat me like a nobody which tends to happen when you get into place where you aint the biggest name. The young people that were there were super amped to see me which is always touching.

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3 responses

13 12 2008

going places bwoy!!!!gettin doin what u do, and stay on point….cant go wrong fam
was in bush yesterday ordered my ting and the indian dude asked if i wanted the bashy special…lol….madd crazy, sampled it was alright still, will leave out the honey though

13 12 2008

wow…really great stuff,
I ythink your well good with this kinda stuff bashy..real inspirational charecter!
Im sure all ur fans will say this, but I really appreciate the work you do…its great to see rappers (who are often given negative press) do possitive stuff..I think its really good that the government have tried to incorporate music into this campaign.
As someone who has recently lost a good friend to the awful craze that is knife crime, I really appreciate what your doing..theres no point in me saying obviouse things like knife crime has to stop..the fact that things like this are happening to put an endto it is great…real good movements..
I dont personally agree with the target age of 10-16 though..I was thinking more 13-19..? More at the latter years..16,17,18,19..

but yeah..i think tis amazing what you do..i think I wanna get involved with something like this…incorporating music and good messages..
ps///the album is good 🙂

13 12 2008

alot kids i kno look up to you bash

well done fam keep doing you

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