The real reason we’re in a recession!

9 12 2008

A careworker thought all her Christmases had come at once when her bank mistakenly extended her overdraft facility – to £84m


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2 responses

11 12 2008

Brother, ur blog is big.. Ur doin dis ting!!

Wondering if I could pls get a quick fire interview with you, done know ur a busy guy and that but if I could e-mail you through 10 short answer questions which will be relevant and informative, would you be interested?

Questions may include stuff like…

1. Out of Winehouse, Leona and Adele whom you attended Brits with, who is the best artist and why?

2. How did the madness with Ghetto get resolved?

3. At what stage did you decide to approach your music in a more concious manner (i.e. ‘I See People’ is a personal favourite for the depth and emotion you demonstrate)

I think it would be an interesting insight for your fans and on the back of the hype surrounding your mixtape and website release.

However, being busy as you are, I can understand if this is not possible at this time.

Contact via or through the blog


N’Jai The Writer

29 12 2008

jsnaaD Thanks for good post

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