Africa Express – Nigeria – First Day

15 10 2008
Kano, Bish Bash Bosh & Local Singer

Kano, Bish Bash Bosh & Local Singer

Wow! What can I say! I came to Nigeria last night….on a last minute confirmation ting. I said Fuck that! I aint passing on this opportunity, Are You Mad? I’m really visting Music of Black Origin right now, although it would have been nice to go to my 1st awards ceremony but boy…its not often you get offered a trip to Nigeria alie??. Its Black History Month so its like they couldn’t have picked a better time to ask me!

I’m here with Africa Express! A project Damon Albarn from ‘Blur’ & ‘Gorillaz’ put together! I am in awe of the place. I’ve been here less than 24Hrs & I absolutley love it. I’m here to celebrate Fela Kuti’s birthday. Its called ‘Felabrations’. If you don’t know who he is look him up! (

Kano is here too, Red Hot Chilli Pepperes Bass Player n many others!

I’m just taking in all the music & culture. I went to Fela Kuti’s former home & tomb today…it was bloody amazing. Later in the week I’ll be performing to a crowd of 5000+ as the last day of the celebrations!!!



Bish Bash Bosh & Damon Albarn in Lagos

Bish Bash Bosh & Damon Albarn in Lagos

I have been backing the Jollof Rice & fried Fish….I fucking love it!! It feels good to be back in the Motherland…to my Nigerian Dargs back home…Your country is Beautiful! Shout out Buck & Management (G.E).

Watch this Space




4 responses

16 10 2008

Aw you’re in Naij – yeap I would ditch the Mobos for Nigeria too. Well enjoy your trip, watch out for the mosquitos and you dun know about the jollof!!!!

16 10 2008


you and K.A in Africa.. some classic music needs to come out of that trip..

feeling the new blog design also Bashy

now thats love all the way from Manchester!!


16 10 2008
Blob Blog

[…] Fuck The Mobos back in 05, was nominated for best video for Kidulthood To Adulthood, but stayed hanging out in Africa with Damon Albarn or some shit. Leona Lewis won the award […]

16 10 2008

LMAO! I’m in the Mobo!

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