Kojo’s Last Show!

29 09 2008
Bish Bash Bosh

Bish Bash Bosh


Wow…I just wanna big up Kojo right now for putting in years of work on the comedy circuit & making a scene for every1 to enjoy! Last night’s show was banging…he has raised the bar! Big up everyone who came through n showed him love! My performance felt good as he wanted me to close the show…its an honor brother! I had to pull him out cos he supports my music & I just had to give a good show for him! & the crowd gave love back…thanks.  It was soooooo fucking ram… I need his mailing list I swear! 



The Hollowman 'Giggs' & Bish Bash Bosh

The Hollowman & Bish Bash Bosh







3 responses

29 09 2008

Kojo isn’t funny, he’s a cool guy though.

29 09 2008

I personally think he is funny, each to our own though.

29 09 2008

Tash – are mwaddd ! Kojo is the shit matee ! Last night was alot trust me

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