The Evil look …

30 09 2008

Someone sent me this today & said this was me as a baby. All I can say is if you piss me the f*ck off, you will get this look …

-CJ Beatz


Wow!! Battle’s are so LONG!

30 09 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.




Big Willy is Back!

30 09 2008

Imma take a sexy honey to see this…but my wifey is in the movie ‘Rosario Dawson’ what should I do?

Sway Goes Hard

30 09 2008


Sway going hard before album release! I love this beat you know! Loving my big up…making me feel all important n shit…& that picture of us? I don’t evn know where the fuck we are!! LMAO!!


‘The Signature LP’ OUT 6th October – Go cop that shit!  

Kano – 140 Grime St – Bashview!

29 09 2008
140 Grime St  - Its a good Look!

140 Grime St - Its a good Look! Bish Bash Bosh Gives it a Thumbs Up!

Right, I am very critical when listening to other artists as I strive for perfection & hate when people put out bollocks & get exposure for it!
This is a time when I have been pleasantly suprised!
I like this album – Alot!
Mr Robinson is one of the best MC’s in the country & not many can spit with him or near him when he gets going…Lyrically & Flow wise he is FUCKED!! I loved ‘Home Sweed Home’ (except ‘Remember Me’) & I wern’t really feeling ‘London Town’ BUT this album has more than made up for it! Its just hard, he aint really talking about overly grimey stuff but the way he’s saying things is well thought out!  There’s no out & out rave banger but I don’t even think he was looking for that!
It’s a solid piece of work.
I think Kano opens up enough so the listener understands where he’s at right now currently in his life…being famous, no longer on a major label n shit!
The production on it is very UK sounding but is tight n the dynamics of the music are sonically nice. He shows the levels on this. It sound like a message to certain man like ‘don’t think I’ve lost it’ kinda spitting…he definately hasn’t.
The stand out tracks for me are ‘These Mc’s…Skepta goes super hard on it though. Kano must have though WTF? the BBK front man said something wild like ‘there a team like freddy n jason but he’s spitting with Kano so call him Raiden’ ‘some shit like that…it’s in the car n I can’t be fucked to go get it cos its parked on the next road true there aint no pussyclart parking on my road ever!’
Anyway I had to rewind it n say ‘FUCK OFF he’s taking the piss’!!
My tracks are ‘Paper’, ‘Don’t Come Around Here’, ‘Anywhere we Go’ & ‘Aim for the Sky’
Big up Kano! & I gotta rate him cos he said he’s paid off his Mum’s Mortgage! That’s a real son!
Imma see if I can roll to his concert tommorow n check out his show!

GO & COP “140 Grime St” NOW! COS A ITS GOOD LISTEN! Show! Tonight!

29 09 2008
Essex was showing me mad love!

Essex was showing me mad love!




Wow! Today was my day off…but I got a call from management at 5.30pm saying that the Agency called for me to do a show in Basildon cos another MC Cancelled; it was for less money than I get but FUCK IT innit? Money is Money & this bumbaclart credit crunch is no joke! & I was just wasting away on Facebook!!

Kojo’s Last Show!

29 09 2008
Bish Bash Bosh

Bish Bash Bosh


Wow…I just wanna big up Kojo right now for putting in years of work on the comedy circuit & making a scene for every1 to enjoy! Last night’s show was banging…he has raised the bar! Big up everyone who came through n showed him love! My performance felt good as he wanted me to close the show…its an honor brother! I had to pull him out cos he supports my music & I just had to give a good show for him! & the crowd gave love back…thanks.  It was soooooo fucking ram… I need his mailing list I swear! 



The Hollowman 'Giggs' & Bish Bash Bosh

The Hollowman & Bish Bash Bosh