31 08 2008

You Bitch…LOL.



31 08 2008

ROUTES TO ROOTS is a project Breaking ground & connecting cultures

“The aim of the Routes to Roots project is to facilitate a cultural collaboration between some of the most talented young artists
from the UK’s urban music scene, and gifted musicians & rappers from across the African continent. We have participants from
Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, The Gambia and guest musicians from our host country Mali, who will be enriching the project
with instruments, voices, drums, basslines and stories.”


Last night me & CJ tore down BiggaFest in Astoria! Big up the Bigga Fish team. The crowd showed mad love. Chippy was there doing his thing! That kid has got so much confidence!!! (I like the sunglasses cuzzy). Stryder was getting the girls caught in his web & causing havoc with the ‘Star in the Hood’ Tees. Akala gave em some Knowlegde. Lykes held it up for the females & Kelly graced the stage with class. The Routes 2 Roots Performance was big aswell! Bongos & all sorts! ‘You can Bleach & Bleach’ LMAO!! 


Donaeo – Devil in a Blue Dress.

31 08 2008

Big up Donaeo. Funky House is a lot right now. He gave a good show last night @ BiggaFest. So I had to listen to the track today & saw the vid. I was suppose to be there but had a show. Congratulations on the progress! African Warrior.

It’s fun to listen to bad things!

29 08 2008

Without a doubt the funniest shit on the net right now is Juan Epstein (The puertrican jewish podcast from Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg) …sooooo, what u think will happen when they hook up with the most honest & inadvertently humerous 7 year old on the planet?



– CJ Beatz

Kiss Acadamy

27 08 2008

The Kiss acadamy was set up to get kids to think about an alternative to knife crime & also give them an insight into the music biz …wish I had this coming up, kids are so spoilt these days! LOL

Any how’s, they invited moi down to perform & talk to the young persons.


27 08 2008

Like this video …shout out to Tiny, very creative

Zena is Digging my Outfit!

26 08 2008
Pink Swagger Dappa

Just off Ladbroke Grove with Trevor & Zena

Okay so CJ the DJ & I ABSOLUTELY FUCKED UP RAMPAGE on Sunday!! (Look out for my new mixtape ‘BASHY.COM It’ll be on there!!!) But anyway yeah I did ‘Black Boys’ first! Wow..It was crazy! ‘BRAPP BLACK BOYS UP IN THIS BITCH’ must have been heard by the whole city it was so loud. Then CJ had put together a special version of Kidulthood to Adulthood the crowd went MAD!!!! Reload n Everything…The crowd just showed mad love! Big up everyone who supported. Big shout out to Rampage, nuff love for the platform cos I’ve always wanted to perform at your sound.  

Pink Swagger Dappa

Check out my interview with Trevor Nelson & Zena on the Monday when I was just walking around soaking up the vibe & rolling with the Ragz2Richez Team.